Sustainable light in Aalborg’s green jungle

Sustainable light in Aalborg’s green jungle

We have been looking forward to telling you all about this comprehensive task, which has resulted in a total replacement of all light sources to sustainable LED light in Aalborg Zoo.

Aalborg Zoological Garden is a well-known sign for the North Jutland capital, where hundreds of thousands of Danish as well as foreign guests visits every year. Most people who live in Aalborg, adults and kids, has a relationship with the green animal park, but very few actually think about the light in the park. In late summer/fall 2017, Aalborg Zoo went under a massive lighting project, which means that all of the green jungle today is illuminated by energy efficient LED light sources. A completely natural development which saves significantly on business, spare the environment, gives annual electricity savings of about 110.000 Danish kr., while ensuring better conditions for the welfare and everyday life of the animals.

– “The project has been very extensive, but at the same time it has been difficult replacing the light, because we had a lot of demands and wishes to ensure the general welfare of the animals in the park. We always strive to limit and reduce the negative environmental impact, Aalborg Zoo may have on its surroundings, and therefore we embrace a sustainable development, why it almost was mandatory to get green LED light sources everywhere,” Henrik Johansen explains, CEO at Aalborg Zoo.

CO2LIGHT is one of the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of energy-efficient lighting for industry. We have been at it since the peak of the technology, and during that time innovated the development and continuously helped hundreds of companies nationwide with sustainable light. But such a demanding light optimization with that many different products, like in this case with Aalborg Zoo, is the first time for us, but we are proud to have been chosen for the assignment, and we are very happy that we managed to solve the task down to the smallest details.

– “We develop and produce our own light sources, and therefore have the know how to customize our products to our customers demands. We where incredibly proud when we got the assignment to optimize Aalborg Zoo. A difficult but certainly not impossible task, and today the final result is very good. Aalborg Zoo is now saving significantly on both the environment, resources and economy, and i’m certain that the animals thrive best in the new sustainable glow,” says Peter Balling, Development Director, CO2LIGHT.

What do you call a giraffe with a headlamp? Aalborg Zoo’s version of a moving lamp pole. This is of course only meant in pure irony and not perceived as ethically responsible at all! This more unusual metaphor is more specifically an illustration of what we, as a company, can provide, if wanted by the costumer.

A total all round replacement
A total of over 2.600 light sources has been replaced in recent years in both the administration, the auditorium, the African Village, Restaurant Skovbakken, The primat facilities, at the elephants, the giraffs, in the tropical house – yes everywhere possible. The installation has been done in close cooperation with Erik Fals, another local company, and the light sources vary with everything from a small bulb, individual light sources and 60/60 panels to Flood Lights and high perfomancer tubes with aluminum cooling profile etc.

At the time the project was established with an ESCO light service agreement, which means, that CO2LIGHT provided financial funding, so Aalborg Zoo was cash positive from day one. With this agreement followed a 5-year warranty period with full service and maintenance, which is still valid today.

A great deal of sustainable cooperation is to inspire each other, and both we and Aalborg Zoo are very focused on sustainable business development. It’s not just about being green today, but how to make initiativez which ensures tomorrow too, and in this context energy efficient lighting is a strong way to ensure sustainable development.

The question is not whether you can distinguish between ordinary lighting and sustainable LED, but more so that the animals now have the most optimal conditions, while Aalborg Zoo at the same time fulfilled their overall goal of being a green company, which thinks of and protects the environment.


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