Sustainability Festival 3rd year in a row

Sustainability Festival 3rd year in a row

This year, Aalborg Sustainability Festival has a five-year anniversary, and CO2LIGHT is proud to stand under our sustainable colors at Toldbod Plads for the third year in a row. Here, the keywords will be ‘sustainable energy, construction and transport’, where we, together with a number of other green North Jutlandic companies, each with a green business profile, will show and tell visitors our vision to a greener, more environmentally-friendly future.

Equipt with the greenest light sources of the future, we are ready to guide you through an exciting, energy-saving technology which definitely has come to stay. Again we will have the CO2LIGHT mascot with us (the white Tesla Roaster), and we have also arrange a fun competition for both kids and adults, where you can win 5 tickets to Aalborg Zoo.

Put a mark in your calendar, Saturday, September 9th from kl. 10 – 16. You can look forward to a beautiful day at the harbor, where the city of Aalborg are gathered to celebrate sustainability. Have a chat with our talented energy consultants (and our energetic CBO) who will present and give professional advise on the latest LED technology, interesting green initiatives, and hear about how CO2LIGHT prioritizes a sustainable businessmodel.

You can read about the festival program and the various participating companies here.


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