Susanne Nielsen – A sports fanatic Sales Assistant

Susanne Nielsen – A sports fanatic Sales Assistant

As we already brought to your attention, CO2LIGHT has become a nationwide LED POWER HOUSE, and with this expansion – of course, new, talented employees will follow. It is important to organize the troops – also in central Jutland, and for this important challenge, we have allied us with a woman, who can juggle many footballs in the air while keeping a straight face.

51-year-old Susanne Kronborg Nielsen has per. 7/8 2017 joined the position as Office-, Warehouse- and Sales Assistant in our Herning department. The naturally vivacious lady with interest in green energy comes from a similar job description with Scan Energi, where she was an allround office assistant and sales backup. In addition, she has a lot of different experience – including a secretary job at Ford in Herning, as well as Sales Assistant in a retail store for women’s and baby clothes. Susanne smiles easily, she is persistant, and possess a well defined knowledge of how to be serviceminded. Definitely something, that will benefit our energy consultants and various companies in central Jutland.

With almost the same responsibilities as our Sales Assistant in Aalborg, Helle Theil, the energetic octopus has various functions at the office in Herning. Both mature women already begun calling each other, sharing experiences, good energy advice and possibly a few funny stories – who knows? At least it generates a good atmosphere.

Susanne will assist where ever she is needed – be responsible for logistics, and arrange various administrative tasks, which will facilitate the everyday life of the account managers and different installers. Interestingly, she personally has a lot of passion for sustainability in everyday life with focus on green energy, green environmental responsibility and other green business initiatives, so with that in mind, she fits perfectly into CO2LIGHT’s GREEN profile.

In the daily, Susanne resides in Ikast with her husband Torben Nielsen, who she has spent the last 28 years with. Together they have three adult children: A girl of 27, a boy of 26 and again a girl of 23 years of age. Her husbond Torben is a crazy football rooligan all day, playing at a high level in his younger days, and are now training the girls team in Vildbjerg, where daughter Malene also plays, while Susanne, high-pitched and enthusiastic, jumps around behind the sidelines.

The dedicated family loves to travel to distant places, where Indonesia is a favorite holiday destination, but when not exploring the wide world, she loves to spend time on walking around in the local nature with her two dogs. A lot of fresh air gives psysical strenght and ‘green energy’, and we must certainly say, that our new employee have various resources on that account. Welcome to the LED-team..

– CO2LIGHT represents all the aspects, that I think apply to a modern company. Green energy is an important parameter for a more environmentally friendly future, and in this area, I think, CO2LIGHT indeed are visible in the green landscape.”


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