Sport facilities in Denmark with LED

Sport facilities in Denmark with LED

We are now proud to call us a nationwide company with headquarters in Aalborg (North Jutland), and additionally two other departments in Herning (Region Midt) and Greve in Zealand, which gives us the capacity to help on a wide scale, and also have the finger on the pulse – throughout the country.

With over 200 LED-optimized sport facilities distributed throughout Denmark, and various segments in virtually all types of industries (ranging from large industry and chicken farms to retail stores), we manage to provide total solutions for energy-efficient, sustainable LED lighting, and can also deliver the industry’s best quality products.

We are certainly not the cheapest supplier on the market, but the most important thing for us as an innovative company is clearly the role as a professional adviser, so we can ensure the best and most effective solutions for our customers and business partners – every time!

In addition to our endeavors to be synonymous with professional and trustworthy advice, green business development and product-oriented total solutions within LED light sources, we also want to focus on openness  involvering general projects, plausible issues, good/bad experiences, and so on.

In this context, we have established a Facebook group called “Sports Facilities in Denmark“, which is a open group with different members (primarily focusing on halls/sports facilities).

The overall purpose with the platform (FB-group) is to create a forum for open and fair debates, where members can exchange experiences with LED projects, come up with rice/praise, ask questions through out the industry, receive professional advice and guidance, become wiser on green business development and energy renewal (political), municipal grants and financial funding opportunities etc.

Would you (your company/sports hall) be interested in joining as a member, you can send a request by finding the group on Facebook, under Sports Facilities in Denmark.

“We are trying to make a difference – will you be a part of the future?”


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