Our travel to the great Orient

Our travel to the great Orient

“Our mission is local – Our thoughts are global.” This is our thoughts, if we have to illustrate our mindset in this industry with a few words. If you, as a modern LED company, want to be at the forefront of the development, China is definitely the technology’s stronghold. This is where the largest OEM-factories are located, including our long time manufacturers. Combined with Danish know-how and engineering we stand incredibly strong together. Just at the time of Marco Polo, who brought luxury goods home from the Far East through the Silk Road, sales manager in Greve, Frans Toft, and the always inventive development director, Peter Balling, also had an exciting journey in China to bring home the absolute best light sources.

CO2LIGHT equals quality products and professional advice and therefore it is also of great importance, that we have hands-on experience and close contact with our business partners. Every year, the world’s largest LED exhibition is held in Hong Kong (International Lighting Fair), and it is always strategically smart to visit the foreign factories. On these trips, we keep ourselves updated on development and industry trends, and at the same we ensure quality control of both products and working conditions within the Chinese factories.

• The 19th Hong Kong International Lighting Faire was open from October 27th to 30th
• There were almost 3100 exhibitors from 38 countries
• In October and November, a total of 7 lighting faires are organized in Hong Kong with over 190,000 visitors

In the middle of the journey, the good Danes also had time to visit our partner – Ervan, who underlined our long term relationship and cooperation with this great plate – ‘Strategic Partner’. A gift, we were very proud of as Nordic suppliers.

While Peter enjoyed himself with good rice wine and local delicacies, Frans went to the Shenzhen Province. A couple of times a year we check the conditions at the factories to ensure, that the Chinese employees are working in a good environment. The Chinese manufacturers must comply with the strict international requirements of ISO9001 (last revised in 2015), which is extremely important for our strategy and identity as a sustainable green company. As expected, everything went smooth, and Frans was very much satisfied with the conditions. Eight factories were visited in four days, and all 8 of them passed the test!

These quality controls are essential for us to ensure insight both in current production, product development and future thinking. That way, it is also possible to make costumised products or optimize new products – specifically for our assortment. Solid relationships and transparency are conclusive for us and our customers, why we invest a lot of time and money every year visiting China.

Again – “our mission is local, but we dare to think global.”


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