Once again – we ran with green steps

Once again – we ran with green steps

Just before this year’s luxurious Christmas table, jolly Christmas songs, the dance around the Christmas tree and all the colorful Christmas presents, we are ready for the last green run. Before we know it – 2017 is in the past, and in a moment a brand new sustainable year is reality. We would therefore like to send a greeting to CO2LIGHT’s efficient employees, the customers (new as well as old) and also our strong business partners. Thank you for taking responsibility and making a difference. With your help and support we manage to reduce the energy and meet the expectations of an ever greener, greater and more sustainable future.

During the year, CO2LIGHT has become a nationwide lighting company with a new department in Greve (Zealand) and several more energy consultants was hired in both Herning and our new department. With an nationwide team of LED specialists, we now have the capacity to help even more sports- and swimming halls across the country with energy efficient light. We are very proud to mention that about 200 halls in Denmark already trusted CO2LIGHT, believed in us and saw the values in ‘green light sources’. Our plan is still quite simple. We will, in the best possible way, illuminate even more Danish companies in 2018. Furthermore we will continue to form intelligent technology and always advocate for mutual learning and sharing knowledge in the industry.

LED – much more than just light

For us – LED will always be more than just big savings on the bottom line. Light is highly associated with quality of life in the sense, that if working under insufficient light in the daily could have regrettable consequences in terms of physical discomfort, lack of profit and poor concentration. Light is very much bound to our general health, and life is simply too short for bad light! Our company is named CO2 + LIGHT. A composition which indicates, that our light sources should reduce CO2, especially in the industry, where we already are harsh on the environment and spend too much energy as it is.

That is why the following year’s most important question – for us: How much CO2 have we saved in 2017 (Estimated bid)?

We have managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 3034 tons of CO2 in 2017.

A result we are pleased with, but our new year’s resolution will be to continue improving the environment further and reduce even more CO2 in 2018. What will your new year’s resolution be?

We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a excellent new year.


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