Nation-wide LED house with exciting merger

Nation-wide LED house with exciting merger

CO2LIGHT is one of the country’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and professional advisers in the best energy-efficient LED solutions for practical – any industry. The North Jutlandic company with its headquarters, warehouse and showroom at Goertlervej in Aalborg has acquired Kilroy Lighting, which means – that now it is a nationwide LED POWER HOUSE with departments in both Herning and Copenhagen.

In an industry under rapid development, it is with strategic LED focus, that these two companies merge together and in the future will optimize Danish companies with some of the market’s best and most innovative products, as well as support with broad technical know-how and presenting competent advice. There is currently no industry, CO2LIGHT has not supplied with new light sources, which emphasizes the company’s capacity and competencies.

Over the summer, CO2LIGHT East have been established in Greve, and with this geographical expansion – east of the bridge to Zealand, the company can now focus more efficiently and more effectively on Zealand.

Same company – merely better

The department in Greve is led by Frans Toft, who is a strong and qualified card in the overall constellation with eight years of experience in the LED industry. He is looking forward to the merger, which means that Zealand-based companies now also have the absolute best conditions for reducing their energy consumption and investing in green, long-lasting light sources:

“It’s an exciting time today, and I’m very proud to become a part of the CO2 team and in the future, have the opportunity to give the Zealand companies the best conditions for becoming green on their bottom line with some of the industry’s best LED solutions,” he smiles.

The future cooperation bring some clear operational benefits in terms of purchasing products, as well as a major expansion of the range of product, which Frans Toft now can offer his customers.

With many competitors on the market, it can be difficult to know about the different technologies and solid possibilities, and therefore, CO2LIGHT want to be synonymous with customer-focused and long-term quality solutions, that works! In this particular context, their advisory role is an incredibly important part of the company, which always can provide professional guidance and quality control before, during and after implementation.


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