Looking back at a green internship

Looking back at a green internship

The calendar now says 2018. For many people, it brings a fresh start with new plans, new years resolutions and new opportunities. Looking back with energy-efficient LED glasses, CO2LIGHT have managed to establish a good and sustainable 2017 with growth, faithful customers and strong business partners. We are extremely grateful, and at the same time it underlines a solid foundation for our still going mission, primarily helping more Danish companies to become greener – both in terms of the environment, way to do business as well as the economy.

For a long time we have had a inspirational collaboration with Aalborg University, resulting in a couple of green projects, sharing a lot of innovative knowledge and the opportunity to establish internship agreements with some sharp students. From September to late December we had the pleasure of having a clever, reflective young man with a bright head and a lot of good ideas within the organization. With a internship agreement at CO2LIGHT, it is important for us, as a company, to be able to contribute with an exciting and educational culture, and at the same time make it possible for the student to engage in different processes, allowing he or she to be a part of shaping the internship.

The following is an evaluation of the overall internship described by Emil Jacobsen himself:

1) Looking back, how has the internship been?
The internship has been absolutely great. I have had free rein to investigate the issues, which I considered beeing important, both for CO2LIGHT as a company, but also describe my own curiosity about how the business was being run or should be?

2) Have you used your education in practice?
Yes, I certainly used my education in the daily. Philosophy is a discipline about creating systematic thoughts and raise questions, and during the last three months I have got a lot of new input. The boldness of ‘the good question’ is excactly when the question helps to move us, both as people or an organization.

3) What assignments have you been around?
In practice, I have reviewed the creation of a staff manual, CSR report and various branding initiatives in collaboration with the company’s PR consultant. Basically, I have tried to help CO2LIGHT focus on why they are doing business, as they do. Companies must take responsibility for green conversion. And if companies are to be green, consumers should reward the change of behavior, but only as long as the companies show what they do.

4) Did the internship accommodate your expectations – both professionally and personally?
I think, I’ve had a lot of experience with me in my backpack. In addition, to my internship, I have been independent in putting together my own assignments, but I had professional backup and each task was solved in close collaboration with various colleagues, which has been a great experience, both professionally and personally.

5) Would you recommend an internship at CO2LIGHT?
Yes, I most definitely will. CO2LIGHT is a company with great responsibility and willingness for growth, which at least for me has been a great experience to be a part of.

CO2LIGHT want to say thanks for a constructive internship period where we together have discussed some organizational aspects, which led us to take a closer look – within the organization. We wish Emil the best of luck with his final exam, and future career in the business world. May you spread some sustainable thoughts on your way.


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