LED strips – A popular choice of light

LED strips – A popular choice of light

As an B2B-supplier, CO2LIGHT offers a wide range of the most sustainable products in the industry for all types of businesses, and furthermore, we have the expertise to accomodate all wishes and lighting requirements, you might have. Our main focus primarily lies in industrial lighting and light sources for sports halls, but lately we have delivered many solutions in special effect lighting – the popular LED bands.

With these LED bands, also called strips, a whole new exciting world opens in terms of light sources. The possibilities are many, and only your imagination sets the limits. Strips has become a widespread light choice in replacing traditional spotlights. They are tailor-made for pleasent environments, which emphasize surroundings, interior and mood, but strips are also used in different contexts, as a special canvas on either signs, facades, walkways, floors and so on.

We are experts in intelligent solution designs with quality materials – specifically made for YOU – with specific wishes and visions, and we have gradually delivered the smart strips to many different types of customers.

The flexible light sources are available in both colors or clear white, and can therefore be used for whatever purpose it may be. Beneath the surface lies an unmatched set of opportunities for customized solutions, and with several management features gives YOU full control over the color and intensity of the lighting. With a single click on a remote control, you can change color and alter settings.

If you want to have your shop window illuminated in all colors of the rainbow after closing time, you have a showroom which has to emphasize senses and impressions – or, like the present example, a cafe that uses the light to support the concept, and underline the small details for the guests, during their visit.

Café Lindholm in beautiful colors
One of our latest solutions regarding LED bands is the installation for Café Lindholm. The modern café wanted a different light setting, and therefore we installed about an 80 meter long color-changing LED band at the edge of the ceiling – in both the restaurant and rooms/banquet facilities. The owners now have the ability to change the colors and adjust the light’s intensity, as they want.

In May, the café held a girls’ confirmationparty, where the overall theme was pink, and in that connection the light ended up being the catalyst (overall eye catcher).

A couple of months later the evaluation is, that their guests now receive a more discreet, soft and delicious lighting, which aesthetically elevates the restaurant visit, and furthermore the amount of energi and electricity is still significantly reduced.

Does this sound interesting?
Would you like to know more about the opportunities with LED bands, or do you have a slightly different lighting project in mind, you are always welcome to contact CO2LIGHT’s skilled energy consultants for a non-binding chat on phone 70 70 15 55.


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