Hörmann Randers – A green transition in a blue light

Hörmann Randers – A green transition in a blue light

As a supplier, CO2LIGHT are always thinking solution-oriented and our project managers will take any challenges, as they come. The customers are involved throughout the process, and we exchange expectations continuously to ensure an optimal result – every time! It’s our way of doing healthy business.”

Hörmann in Randers had included an optimization of the light in their budget for 2017, but with CO2LIGHT’s ESCO LIGHT-service agreement, they now had the opportunity to start the project before time. The company almost have 2.000 kvm building facilities including the outdoor area, so our task was to establish a total installation with an eye for APV and ROI, both inside and out.

After a thorough optimization of the light sources, the company now have less, but better – sustainable light. Furthermore Hörmann also have far fewer expenses associated with maintenance of light sources, their investment is repaid after only two years, and they can look forward to big energy savings – up to 60%. In addition, the building on Normansvej in Randers can now be seen clearly from the highway after there have been installed exterior lighting on and next to the blue logo. A creative input from CO2’s project manager, who believed that the blue light, besides being an eye catcher, also will support Hörmann’s logo color/identity.

Tonight, January 26th from 17 – 19, CO2LIGHT in cooperation with Hörmann ‘open the doors to an event at Randers-company premises, where local business people, company owners and municipal employees from the energy sector, are invited.

With an exciting program there will be different presentations from both CO2LIGHT, Hörmann and Randers Municipality. Based on the current business case and with focus on light optimization, green transition, great savings and possible challenges in projects in general, participants have the opportunity to learn more about LED and maybe talk with other companies, that also have the same thoughts on green energy optimization.


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