Emil Jacobsen: A green philosopher with a bright head

Emil Jacobsen: A green philosopher with a bright head

In an exciting and sometimes even turbulent period with strategic considerations, new initiatives and business growth, it is important to look yourself in the mirror. Both adversity and progress can mean organizational changes, and therefore we reflect on our way of running a modern green business. We operate in a industry, where many are suppliers and advisers on LED technology, and 9 out of 10 times it seems like the common perception is to focuse on BIG electricity savings.

Bottom line savings are also an extremely important incentive for CO2LIGHT, but at the same time it is also important for us to focus on our own way of doing business in relation to some overall tjeck points such as CSR policy, green values, environmental concerns, sustainability and innovative development. Therefore – the question is not “why LED”, but rather “why CO2LIGHT”?

Thoughts as well as words are important to put in perspective and compare it to what we actually do in everyday life, and it is in this context our new intern, 25-year-old Emil Jacobsen, comes into the picture. The cooperation with Aalborg University goes both ways of course, and we are happy, that there is an interest in CO2LIGHT. We are looking forward to a rewarding and constructive internship, where Emil will have a regular seat in the office until Christmas.

1) Full name, age, occupation (what do you study at AAU – how long, what semester)?

My name is Emil Laue Jacobsen, i’m 25 years old and I study Applied Philosophy on the 9th semester.

2) Why did you choose CO2LIGHT as the company, you would like to include in your masters?

I would like to work with CO2LIGHT because I sensed a nice combination of social responsibility and good business acumen. I am quite interested in how companies can reverse a problem, such as the climate crisis, and make it a business opportunity. In this relation, CO2LIGHT are focusing on some exciting processes of growth and efficiency, which I would like to see unfold.

3) What are your area of expertise?

My strengths are primarily analytical skills. One of our lecturers, Jørn Sønderholm, says; As a philosopher, you are interested in three things: arguments, arguments and arguments. In my studies, I have worked with a wide range of topics, but organizational theory, strategic management and business ethics have filled the most. I’am convinced, that management is often understood as a tangible economic discipline, while ethical aspects of management discipline are often neglected. Not all aspects which are measured – can be measured, and not everything that actually can be measured is significant.

4) What is the focus area in connection with CO2LIGHT?

My main focus at CO2LIGHT is about the CSR policy and how CO2LIGHT as a company can look introspectively, and furthermore how they can make customers more aware, that the environment also should be a factor when choosing new light sources. Many companies, which communicate about awareness of the environment in their CSR policy, talk about things like water-saving toilets, they print on both sides of the paper and etc., but just a few think about the effects of light sources on electricity consumption and their employee’s health.

5) Experience so far, expectations?

My expectations are positive. I have already been here for a month, and I think, I found my place. I also believe that my questions and studies can create value, although it might seem a bit abstract for some of the boys in the office at times. But all in all, it is very exciting to taste a bit of “reality” and reflect about how the philosophy can be used in practice.

6) What do you do in your spare time, when you do not philosophize about the world situation?

I am a active human beeing, and I try to work out and run as mush as possible, which I think is important, when you often sit still and read a lot, but otherwise, I have a lively imagination – I love animation/cartoons, the fantasy genre, and I listen a lot to classical rock from the good old days.


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