Danish LED company becomes part of large LED manufacturer

Danish LED company becomes part of large LED manufacturer

CO2LIGHT A/S has taken a gigantic step in the realization of becoming a much larger player on the international LED market. The Aalborg based lighting company is now an important part of the European Ecobility Group, already established in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

The decision has not been made overnight, far from it. The negotiations between the partners have been defined throughout autumn last year, and before Christmas a framework agreement was in place, and afterwards Ecobility Nordic A/S became a reality in December 2018. The CEO’s of the Netherlands and Spain cooperation will enter the Nordic advisory board and it is of course vice versa for Ecobility Nordic A/S which also becomes part of their committees.

1) In tight cooperation with new investors a capital increase of 4 million DKK is established on April 1st.
2) Ecobility Nordic A/S is going to bring increased value for customers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
3) CO2LIGHT A/S is therefore renamed ‘Fusionsselskabet 2018 A/S’ on request from the Ecobility investors.
Silbersonne/Silversun Lighting has also changed their name to Ecobility Spain.

”We have had ambitions to become part of something bigger for a long time. Although we’ve just started a new year, we believe that the timing is right, as we are now increasing our visibility in the market, we are centralizing our competences and inventories, and thereby becoming an even stronger partner in professional industrial LED production for installers . We are now able to manage larger tasks and can offer an even more efficient product flow and broader range in products, and this ultimately benefits our customers”, CEO – Per Kirk underlines.

International partnership: Profit for customers

A merger can often be linked to uncertainty, but there is no need for worrying, Per Kirk assures. All ongoing projects, complaints and warranty cases will from April 1st be handled by Ecobility Nordic A/S and completed professionally in accordance with existing cooperation agreements.

The name change does not mean anything in relation to the previous concept, foundation of values ​​and focus on quality. This will only contribute to further additions of competences and more opportunities across national borders, as the partners already produced products together over the past 4 years. Instead of 12 specialists on a national level, more than 40 European LED-specialists are now operating under the same roof, so to speak. The future cooperation provides a larger volume (better prices for installer customers) and logistical benefits for all parties involved.

”Naurally, we will help our customers and business partners to finish ungoing projects and treat all cases professionally and efficiently. The establishment with Ecobility Group is just a recognition of quality and a further development of an already well-established brand in the industry, and it is important for us to emphasize that this decision has been made with a focus on our customers and furthermore in order to strengthen our and also their business”, Per Kirk concludes.

From Danish to European manufacturer

The operational processes has been initiated and over the next couple of months, Ecobility Nordic A/S will be an reality, both organizational and in terms of marketing. There is a professional design center in Aalborg, which will continue to service and support Danish customers now with a much larger warehouse – both in Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain. The phone number is unchanged and still 70 70 15 55.

Development Manager Peter Balling acknowledges that a change period can be associated with great challenges, extensive communication and many extra hours of work, but he is certain that this is the right decision in order to make the change from just being a Danish to a unified European LED manufacturer:

“I am very happy man and really welcome this agreement, which makes it possible to get the big factories to join us on the incredible journey, and I look forward to the several new opportunities this partnership brings into an LED market that is still becoming more and more complex”, Peter Balling says.

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