CO2LIGHT elected as Gazelle company 2017

CO2LIGHT elected as Gazelle company 2017

A couple of days ago, we got a very exciting acknowledgement in the mail, which made everyone at the office smile. We are elected as a Gazelle company 2017.

It is a great honor to receive official recognition and participate in the prestigious award for this year’s Gazelle 2017. There has been significant development in the LED market in recent years, and we have had a high pace within CO2LIGHT. Some employees have found other challenges, while even more new people have become part of the team, and we are now stronger, than ever before. It is always an incredibly nice and satisfying feeling to generate so mush growth, that you, as a company, are able to appoint more people to the payroll, so we are very grateful.

In this connection, CO2LIGHT would like to send out a big “THANK YOU” to our skilled team across the country, as well as congratulate our strong business partners, who does a great and trustworthy job everyday.

We hope, that our daily focus on innovative technology and green developement in corporate business context can help inspire others. There are 300.000 active companies in Denmark, who every day makes a difference, throughout all types of industries. The field is incredibly strong every year, so we are just happy to be a part of ‘the green savannah’.

We are looking forward to the award ceremony in Aalborg, which takes place in Musikkens Hus, October 31 – 2017.


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