CO2LIGHT and University College in strong partnership

CO2LIGHT and University College in strong partnership

Once again CO2LIGHT have had the pleasure of cooperating with two competent interns with the help of University College North Jutland. The internship period ends in a moment, so it is only fair that they also get a place on our ‘Hall of Fame’.

We have many things under launch, and in particular, we are almost finished with a new product database for installers (Prosave). In addition, many Dialux calculations are ongoing, so our Technical Director, Henrik Bruntse, has been in need of a little relief for a while. This is in these particular areas, that the two bright heads come into place.

As in previous internships, we have presented the interns with some practical questions, which should help us learning a little more about the two, and what it excactly is they do in the house:

Energy Technician, Emil Papis:

My name is Emil Papis Pedersen, i’m 24 years old and I study Energy Technology on the 4th semester at UCN.

I thought that a intern agreement at CO2LIGHT sounded very exciting, which included making light calculations and working with LED in general, because there is a lot of money to save and a many green signals to send to the outside world.

I especially think that LED should be appealing to companies because light optimization often does not require any major investments. I was very lucky that my teacher already talked with Peter Balling (CO2LIGHT). After a good conversation the internship began at the end of January.

One of my strengths is just being practical. I am interested in thoughtful solutions that are well executed. I quickly felt comfortable with my assignments in the house, and overall I think I did great. Furthermore I also thought it was interesting to work together with people in a “smaller” company, such as CO2LIGHT, with a more flat organization. I like being close to the staff in a more relaxed, intimate environment.

My daily function is more like as a helping hand for Technical Director, Henrik Bruntse, whom I help with immediate tasks that appear during the day (daily operation). Most of all, I focus on calculations of light to customers through the program Dialux Evo 7.1.

The internship period has been really rewarding, and I hope it goes both ways! The culture is very professional without being to much of an “suite & tie” atmosphere. I expected to get an understanding of what it means to be in the LED industry and how to work with customers in relation to calculations of savings, etc.

In the future, my immediate plan is to take 1,5 year more in “Energy Management”, which is a top-up education, where I finish with a bachelor degree. My dreamjob is being a combination between a salesman and consultant with technical know how.

In private, I am a dedicated IT-nerd with passion for gaming, hardware, mobile phones, flat screens, yes technology in general. Otherwise, I practice different sports, including fitness training, running and mountain biking. Besides that, I am a quite ordinary young man who party, hang out with friends, and otherwise enjoy life as it is.

IT technology, Johs Hebsgaard-Pedersen

My name is Johs Hebsgaard-Pedersen, I am 26 years old, and I study IT-Technology on the 4th semester – also at UCN.

After talking with my supervisor, CO2LIGHT seemed to be a very exciting company, with a lot of focus on sustainability. In addition, the company is concentrated around future technology with focusing on LED rather than traditional light sources. I then contacted CO2LIGHT, and after a interview with Henrik Bruntse I was offered a internship starting in late January.

I am efficient in IT-systems, networks, databases and Frontend programming. I got the task of designing the main database for the company’s new product system – Prosave (a webshop for installers), and in this context I could use what I have learned in theory. In this assignment, I have gained a deeper insight of what CO2LIGHT needed and what values ?that ?should be focused on in the future. In this context, my main responsibility has been IT in the company and the creation of this new database for financial systems, data sheets etc.

In these two plus months in this house I have got a really good impression of the company. It houses professional, sweet and informal people who all have great knowledge within LED. I hoped to get a better understanding on the needs of enterprise IT-systems, thereby improving my ability to maintain and develop IT-systems, which make the experience more user-friendly and accessible for users. I think, I’ve managed okay.

When I am finished with my education, I want to go to a company where I can advise and guide people about IT-systems, maintaining the systems, and participate in the setup of the systems in question. It is clearly in a this type of position that I perform best!

I spend part of my spare time testing new electronic systems, not just IT-systems, but also more generally electrical engineering machines. I love traveling and experiencing new places, because I think it gives a new view of life, just getting out and experiencing something else than just little Denmark. In addition, I am a big basketball fan, enjoying myself with good cooking and spending time with friends.

CO2LIGHT would like to thank our interns for an incredibly constructive cooperation which in the future will affect our potential as a modern LED business. We wish the best of luck to both Emil and Johs on their exams and future careers.

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