Bad light effects your health

Bad light effects your health

Who does not remember the flickering and blue fluorescent lamps in the beginning, which performed more like a stroboscopic light in a disco than a stable light source for a workplace? LED technology and the general quality of the electronics has come a long way and is now a 100 times better than in the beginning, and the industry is still growing and evolving. The focus has always been color rendering, color temperature and of course energy efficiency (which it still is), but it is important to know, that LED lights can flicker.

Flicker effect
The flicker effect (when the light flashes) is invisible to the naked eye, but can affect the body with very unpleasant consequences. Most often, it manifest as stress, headache and other forms of discomfort – sometimes even epileptic seizures. This is actually common knowledge, because it is still a challenge today. Even with LED light sources and a higher frequency, LED can still be flashing, but without making it difficult and too technical, a very important mnemonic is, that it is the power supply and electronics which determines the flicker effect, and not the actual light source!

Fortunately for everyone, there is now more attention on this issue, and much more research about the influence of light on people’s health has been made. Additionally, it is now much easier to analyze and measure the complete light quality and how much (or little) the flicker effect is present.

In this context, we would like to refer to an excellent article in the magazine “Installations Nyt” (October edition), as well as a report published by the Center for Light, both of which present lots of information and advice on solving or analyzing the flicker effect.

Measure your light quality – easy and efficient
With a small portable instrument, which is very simple to operate, anyone working with light, can easily determine whether the light is insufficient, even critical for replacement, when focusing on comfort, work environment/staff and general safety. This is called a UPRtek spectrometer. There are several models on the market, but with these devices, you, as a supplier or installer, have a great advantage.

As a professional adviser, CO2LIGHT advocates this approach, and welcomes all research and sharing of knowledge in this area. We have always used UPRtek spectrometers, even in so high degree, that we deliver these smart and extremely user-friendly units to installers/ suppliers, who will be technical competent to meet up with these challenges in their daily work. We also offer small courses in the use of this UPRtek.

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– Your health and motivation on work are too important for bad light!”


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