Two truck centers LED-optimized

Two truck centers LED-optimized
LED truckcenter

Just before our little vacation away from the headquarters, which we all enjoyed with a wide smile on our lips, we have been busy optimizing more Jutlandish companies with the industry’s best LED solutions, and this we would like to tell you a something about.

It’s always a pleasure when the customer, already during the installation, can see the benefits of sustainable lighting. Within the last few months, CO2LIGHT delivered a customized optimization of the lighting at Poul A. Olesen, followed by an installation at Hjoerring Truck center. A full replacement of the light to approximately 1200 m2 in Frederikshavn, and a 1/1 optimization of about 500 m2 in Hjoerring established in almost the same breath. 

This automecanic industry, is an industry, where the light indeed makes a noticeable difference during working hours. Secondly, it is impotant to have full advantage of the light sources, when reparing the cars (especially in the grave), and at the same time the luminaires must be able to withstand the hard work environment. A important aspect, when the tools sometimes are thrown around.

Easy installation – better, energy-saving light

There is a high distance from floor to ceiling in both truck centers, but with the new LED light, it means more lux, more color, better working conditions for the staff, and the energy level are significantly reduced. The watt and electricity bill are now saved.

The installation has been easy and flexible, so the work could continue during the replacement of the light. In this context we would like to thank our installation partner PL Service and H. Jespersen for a quick and flexible job done. An important detail for the engineer manager, Kalle Houmann:

“We quickly and efficiently got the light sources replaced everywhere in Frederikshavn, and then in Hjoerring. Already now we can see a big difference compared to before. The light is now more clear and natural to the eyes, and we avoid shadows on the floor from the previous fluorescent lamps, so I am very pleased,” he says.

Professional products that work!

Many workshops still use ordinary plastic luminaires and fluorescent lamps, that break time and again – especially if they get hit og stroked by a tool. Now, Poul A. Olesen and Hjoerring Truck center got LED luminaires that can withstand the harsh environment, and at the same time can be cleaned, without damaging the light. The durability of LED light sources are also up to 10 times longer than normal light sources, and they indeed save energy.

 At Poul A. Olesen in Frederikshavn the project is paid back at approx. 3.5 years with guarantee of major savings in the long run. In Hjoerring, we have established a 1/1 replacement in the workshop (ceiling), the administration, the canteen and in the walking area with a 2.6-year ROI. After that period, both truck centers get 100 percent of the savings on the electricity themselves.

Our sharp energy consultant Mads Andersen, who is responsible for these two cases, have technical know-how and expertise to guide all types of industries, so if you want to get a much better, more durable, better and sustainable light, while getting greener at your bottom line, then do not hesitate to contact CO2LIGHT on phone 70 70 15 55, or Mads directly at 41 33 88 90.