Specialists in professional light sources

Specialists in professional light sources

Most suppliers of light sources want to be world champions in what they do, in a market that is still in rapid development, and where technology constantly is moving in new directions. Some suppliers specialize in lighting for retail stores, while others focus more on illuminating the industry.

We also want to be number one in the LED class, but we are always striving to get a little better. Therefore, it is good to be introspective once in a while. The most important thing for CO2LIGHT is to maintain our credibility, professional reputation and good relationship with both our installers as well as customers. A specific market area we have had a lot of focus on in recent years is professional lighting for sports and swimming halls, which has given us solid experience, expertise and know how. About 200 halls throughout the country has already been CO2-certified with sustainable LED, and our plan is to spread even more light over Denmark in 2018.

How we optimize your hall/swim facility
In close cooperation with the customer, we will effectively clarify which wishes and needs are the basis for the project. With a well-documented Dialux calculation, a 3D template is prepared, which clearly illustrates which lighting solution is best for the particular hall. This illustration is based on the hall’s structur – including targets, reflective from the ceiling, the floor, the walls, advertising signs, spectator rows, etc. Everything is taken into perspective. In this way, we achieve the most optimal and best customer-adapted result – every time.

LED is suitable for all sports – also badminton!
Sometimes we are still talking to some hall managers who are not convinced about LED light sources in context with specific sports. Badminton is emphasized as an example we often encounter. We understand the concern and the various perceptions, but it is important for us to say that this is a general misconception. Gradually we have made a handful of halls, where one of the primary sports is badminton, and with a proper setup and understanding LED is certainly suitable for highlighting the little feather ball.

Why: The light sources should be placed in rows between the lanes at a good height (4.5 – 5 meters) and outside the lanes, along the sides. The light must not be aperture or cast shadow on the lanes. Our sports luminaires with opal screen ensures that. The color temperature should be 4000K (close to daylight) and the light as smoothly as possible across all lanes so the feather balls do not ‘disappear’ in light differences. With professional advice and effective products, everything is possible.

Below we have highlighted three excellent examples of halls, which facilities often are used for badminton, and all of them have been supplied with LED light from CO2LIGHT.

HBK Badminton

“The light is now significantly better and completely different, lamps over the lanes have been reduced to only 6 luminaires with LED. It is as if the hall is much bigger and I know that the players now get more out of our facilities. We often settle tournaments and many of the guests praise our new LED light.”

(Niels Stidsen, Cashier, Horsens Badminton)


FKS Hallen 


“We are very pleased with the choice of products and the general light in the hall. It was important with the possibility of dimming the lights so that all our users’ needs under different activities are considered. Both the school classes and the other users of our facilities are very happy which is the most important thing, and we are of course looking forward to big savings on both electricity consumption and money in the future.”

(Vagn Jensen, Chairman of the Board, FKS Hallen)




“We now have LED light from CO2LIGHT in 3 of our halls, and we are very happy with the result. It really works and now there are more light over the lanes. The shadows from before are now gone and the light source illuminate more to the sides so the halls seems more enlightened. It’s hard to make everyone happy, but we have not heard anything negative from anyone, suggesting that everything is as it should be.”

(Hans Nielsen, Center leader in Åruphallen)