Better lighting at Skipper Clement School in Aalborg

Better lighting at Skipper Clement School in Aalborg
LED lighting for classrooms

All modern research – based on the effect of light on our body and mental state shows – that it affects the quality of sleep and furthermore our overall health. The light can also affect mood, which influence our behavior, motivation and energy level. Especially in schools, where learning and personal conduct is at the center of attention, the light is of vital importance. Therefore we are always super happy to get positive feedback from customers.

Skipper Clement School in Aalborg have already felt the impact of LED light, and after a short acclimatization period for both students and teachers, the effect has been noticed in the daily. 

The following section is a response from Niels Chr. Hejlesen, technical service manager at Skipper Clement School:

“In the fall of 2014 we were contacted by CO2LIGHT about led lighting, which the school already have had under consideration. Lars Jensen (cf. CO2LIGHT) told us about the large savings regarding LED, and also the many benefits that came with a replacement of the light. On that note we decided to replace the light in 3 rooms, and afterwards we were so happy, that we quickly agreed to install LED lighting throughout Skipper Clement School.

CO2LIGHT made an exact calculation of what could be saved in electricity yearly, and they provided us with good professional counseling, whick meant that we reached our goal. Here in 2016 it seems like Skipper Clement School is going to save as we expected. At first both students and teachers had to get used to the new, more bright light, but now they still come and tell me just how wonderful it with our new LED lights. Skipper Clement school have experienced CO2LIGHT as a very professional company with various good products, and can definitely recommend them as a partner and supplier of LED.”

May 16, 2016