Café Lindholm: New owners in a colorful light

Café Lindholm: New owners in a colorful light
LED-strips Café Lindholm

New owners in a historic café with new exciting light

The summer sun is beginning to rise high above the historic Viking graves in Nørresundby, just north of Aalborg, and inside the museum’s café – a new, smart light setup changes color above the two new owners. A concept which should compliment the new menu as well as giving the guests an extraordinary dining experience at Café Lindholm. René Maxwell and Thomas ‘Madfar’ Farsinsen is now just over 2 months in the start after acquring the café, and they already have a lot on their plate.

The food are made from scratch based on a classic design with an eye for taste and simplicity – produced from the season’s local commodities. A concept, both owners believe people will welcome – especially the local senior guests. If you ask the experienced restaurateur, René Maxwell, he answers in modest Jutlandish: 

– Well, the start-up has simply exceeded expectations to say the least, and I think people in general have welcomed us very positive. In our opening hours from kl. 10 to 17 – Tuesday to Friday, we have 20 dinner guests a day – many of them are local seniors, and furthermore we have been fully booked with parties on weekends, and it seems to continue over the summer”, the satisfied restaurateur says.

René Maxwell is a well-known face in the restaurant business, where he had his place since the age of 12. Son of Astrid Maxwell, who for many years owned and ran the restaurant – Skydepavillionen in Aalborg, he is an experienced man, and for the last 15 years have been running several cafés in Aalborg, for example Café Klostertorvet, Café Ministeriet and Brasserie Mundgott. All well-visited and popular places throughout the years. Teamed up with the mate and colleague ‘Madfar’, who has become a familiar face in the kitchen in recent years, they accommodate for both the taste impressions and the overall experience for the guests.

New LED light and rustic, North Jutlandish flavour

In addition to Thomas Farsinsen’s very special North Jutlandic cuisine, another special feature of the newly opened café is the smart lighting setup in the reataurant. When René Maxwell ran Café Ministeriet, he got light installed, that could change color continuously. A sensible experience he also thought should be implemented to Café Lindholm.

With specially designed lamps from Nordlux over the tables, and a 80 meter long colour-changing LED band with diodes (intelligent ceiling light), supplied by LED producer CO2LIGHT, Café Lindholm can now deliver special theme parties, company events and weddings, where different colours supports moods, logos, choices of cloathing, and selected interior etc. In this context, René Maxwell mentions a recent girl confirmation party, where the colour code was flashy pink, which made the guest of honor very excited.

In addition to the changing light, the two owners have also thought about green transition in order to save both electricity and money, and CO2LIGHT has therefore energy-optimized the light in both the kitchen and the restaurant. It has been a bit of a rate, but an investment they both are happy to have made.

– I clearly think that we have made the right choice in relation to the light. The small details have been in focus, and that is also the meassage we get from our guests. It definitely emphasizes the overall experience for the guest, it looks good, and most importantly is that LED is cheaper in the long run”, Rene Maxwell smiles, while the light above him changes to a blue’ish nuance.

In short. Now you have the opportunity to get served tasty, rustic sandwiches, healthy salads, charcuterie – both homemade and from the local butchers, good tasty Viking coffee and delicious, sweet desserts while enjoying the view of Lindholm Høje in a brand new, calm atmosphere . Which color code should highlight the lunch must be up to the individual guest, but whatever your preference is red, yellow or blue, it is definitely worth the visit.