New light in Rönne Swimming bath

New light in Rönne Swimming bath
LED lighting swimming pool

A small LED-story from the sunny Island of Bornholm, late summer 2016.

– We have had the same fluorescent lamps for many years, and some of them even began hanging from the ceiling, so we had a great need for new light in our facilities. After CO2LIGHT assembled and installed the new light, everything seems to work perfectly, and we do not have to worry about flashing or flickering light sources, so that is really satisfying,” Samantha Høgstedt-Madsen says, manager at Rönne swimming bath.

She had already examined a number of offers from various LED suppliers, but CO2LIGHT’s offer turned out to be the best, especially in light of the favorable ESCO LIGHT service, a grant provided by Bornholm’s municipality, and a short delivery time of only four weeks, so it just meant getting started.

Therefore the project was started shortly after, which meant a busy week for project manager Jesper Madsen (CO2) and the two installers from PL Service Midtjylland. They arrived by ferry on Sunday afternoon, got started on Monday morning and worked hard and concentrated the next five days from morning to late evening to uphold the deadline, and in time to take the ferry back to the mainland again on Friday. The days were a little hectic, but despite a few challenges, the job went dynamic and effective.

All light sources have now been changed, both inside the facility and outside. 96 new fixtures as well as 69 light sources distributed on the parking lot, changing rooms, toilets, offices, basement and of course in the swimming bath. All due to the customer’s request, CO2LIGHT also completed a four zone electronic controlsystem, which means, that the light automatically adjusts compared to the amount of light from the outside, saving additional power consumption. The light can also be manually controlled and regulate brightness to adapt to different scenarios and events held in the swimming pool. (Ex. Wellness or “children’s water park”) 

Over all Samantha Høgstedt-Madsen is extremely pleased with the outcome. She emphasizes the high level of service in particular – during and after the project, as well as the good supporting dialogue, which meant, that she felt well treated throughout the cooperation with CO2LIGHT.

– It’s a different type of light than before, so there has been an acclimatization period of a few weeks, but now it all seems fine and clear. Our guest have not said much, but some have noticed the changes, and they all think it’s great with more bright light. Now we just look forward to be more environmentally friendly and save on the electricity bill,” the daily leader states.

August 20, 2016