Modern street lighting at Skagen Harbor

Modern street lighting at Skagen Harbor
Street light at Skagen harbor

Over the years we have supplied light sources for many municipal projects around the country – especially in North Jutland. Just to name a few, we could highlight Aalborg, Brønderslev, Jammerbugt and now also the Municipality of Skagen. Previous projects primarily include lighting for schools, institutions and sports facilities, but this latest assignment was to provide a sample set of street lighting for Skagen Harbor.

With previous experience in relation to maritime lighting (for ships and at container terminals) we have the efficient product insight and we know which requirements that applies for street lighting. Products must be of the highest quality, release high efficiency and have sufficient light scattering, especially when mounted on a high mast (street lamps). Security is an important keyword!

LED gadebelysning Havnen i SkagenIn late summer of 2018, we delivered 7 LUG Urbino LED street lamps to Skagen El and Energi A/S, who had the responsibility of installing the lighting along one of the harbor’s docks, where there frequently is a lot of people, both during the day and evening hours.

It is always important for us, almost like an unwritten rule, to work with the local electrician if this collaboration provides the best conditions for the customer, which is why we also made a local alliance in this recent project.

All installations and mounting was made by Project Manager Jesper Diet at Skagen Electricity and Energy. Our collaboration proved to be effective and mutually good, and the LED lights now give the citizents, both civilian pedestrians as well as those working in the area, a nice clear light in the early morning hours and in the evening after dark.

Are you interested in hearing more about your possibilities regarding street lighting and light sources for the maritime environment as an installer, you are more than welcome to contact Ecobility Nordic A/S on telephone 70 70 15 55.