Lantmännen Schulstad in Pandrup thinks green

Lantmännen Schulstad in Pandrup thinks green
LED for industry

During July 2016 all light sources in both the gym-facility, production hall and warehouse has been replaced with energy-saving LED – to great satisfaction of both management and the 180 employees at Lantmännen Schulstad in Pandrup. In this context, CO2LIGHT has been responsible for the supply and installation of over 450 tri-proof fixtures – spread across the 14,844 m2 factory space.

“The majority of our employees, especially those on the evening and night shifts, have noticed the new, better light, and I can not think of a single negative comment about the optimization to LED,” says Technical Manager, Søren Jensen. 

In a large industrial company that runs 24 hours a day and daily produces about 95 tons of bread (200 ton in the weekends), light is very important, both for the economy, but also for employees’ energy, health and motivation. Schulstad only saw benefits associated with switching to LED – especially when they had the possibility to get full financing on the project.

CO2LIGHT’s ESCO Light service does in fact mean, that Lantmännen Schulstad did not need to get one penny out of their pocket, they have full warranty and maintenance for 5 years, and compared to the savings on electricity with up to 70 %, their investment is already repaid within 2,3 years.

“There have always been a good dialogue between us and CO2LIGHT, and they have been very flexible and constructive in replacing the few broken lights, when needed, Søren Jensen continues.

At the warehouse, where the bread is packed, the replacement for LED has not gone unnoticed. Improving the working environment on many levels means happier and more energetic employees – especially at night.

“In the warehouse, we especially have had positive feedback from the evening- and night shifts. The light seems very natural and are more pleasant to work in, especially in the late night hours. After breaks (mostly the long lunch break at midnight), the eyes does not have to use a long time adjusting to the light again. Colour-wise it seems to be the right nuance, and some employees have even said, that they get a little extra energy working under the new LED, so we are very much satisfied”, says Billy Nyhus, intendant at the warehouse.

July 15, 2016