HBK with new LED light sources

HBK with new LED light sources
LED for sport halls
The feather balls in HBK now hovers under new LED
It has been a huge decision for the board in Horsens Badminton, keeping the hall closed for four days in week 7 to install new LED lamps over the lanes, but here a month after and a lot of intense matches later, both the Board, players and coaches are pleasantly surprised by the new light sources. There is now less but better light, and HBK can look forward to great future savings on their electricity bill – without having to finance the project.
The first time in history
Horsens Badminton is one of the few independent halls in the country, which exclusively focus on badminton, and therefore it means specific requirements for the facilities, especially the lighting on the lanes. The Board have always done as much as possible to create the best environment for their now 530 members, and especially with the many youth- and elite players in the hall, the small feather ball should always be easy to spot.The hall and the facilities are often under renovation due to financial help from local funds, which makes it possible to create continuous improvements, and a lot has happened over the years. However, it is the first time in history that the hall is closed for so many days in a row since its establishment in 1976, so the Board’s decision on replacing the light encounted great adversity in the beginning. First of all, the perception of LED light associated with badminton was not exactly overwhelmingly positive. Furthermore, many thought the timing was way off, as the light sources had to be installed in week 7 – right up to two tournaments in the weekend.As a classic fairy tale it all ended happy. The feedback have been very positive, and the myth – that LED does not belong above a badminton court has now been eliminated.

Skepticism replaced with enthusiasm
The new lights were quickly subjected to the ultimate test, as the youth and elite players got the change to play under the LED lights Friday morning – just a few hours after the installation was completed. The overall skepticism were quickly replaces with enthusiasm, and especially the elite coaches was pleasantly surprised. The hall was almost perceived as new.

– Despite a 14-day acclimatization period the light has significantly been improved, and is now perceived as completely different and clear, even though the 12 rows of 9 fixtures with fluorescent tubes over the lanes now has been reduced to just six fixtures with LED. The entire hall seems more bright and clear. Personally, I feels as if the hall have become much larger, and I am convinced that the players now can enjoy the facilities much more. The older members are still not convinced, but everyone else is apparently very excited. The weekend’s tournaments went completely smoothly, and many of the guest players praised our new LED lights,” says 69-year-old Board member, Niels Stidsen.


CO2LIGHT – the right business partner
The installation was executed flexible and quick in collaboration with PL Service Midtjylland, who only had until Friday to finish before the deadline. Before, during and after the conversion to LED there have been a high level of service and a healthy, constructive dialogue between HBK and CO2LIGHT, which the working group was very excited about. The estimated savings, which HBK now can expect in the future, is 63 percent of the current electricity bill. A large amount for a small institution like Horsens Badminton Hall, who now can use the freed resources for other improvement initiatives.

Most importantly for the dedicated Board member has been the high level of service, the professional and credible guidance from CO2’s project manager throughout the cooperation, and of course the possibility of starting up the project with very little investment.

For Niels Stidsen, who now have seen thousands of feather balls flying under the ceiling, he is not a second in doubt that the conversion to LED has been the right decision, and he would definitely recommend working with CO2LIGHT. He is very pleased that the members now have the best environment suitable for playing badminton, and he also hopes that it can entice new members.

May 4, 2017