Green cooperation in municipal projects

Green cooperation in municipal projects

Have your municipality also become greener? The concern for sustainability and green changes within business has been in particular focus in recent years, and more and more municipalities throughout the country reward and help companies that make an effort in the field of green change and sustainable business development. It’s not just about saving money and reducing energy consumption, but most importantly about creating the best conditions for the citizens, both young and old. Therefore, we priorities our cooperation with the municipalities – in this case Brønderslev – incredibly high.

LED specialists with green glasses

For CO2LIGHT, LED is more than just energy-saving light sources, which gives significant savings. Sustainable lighting is an investment in a sustainable future, environmental responsibility, better working conditions for employees and healthier schools for our children. Particularly in educational environments, where the children now have to be in school for a longer period of time, natural and healthy light has vital importance.

Hallway – Hedegaardsskolen


After so many years in the industry, we think it is appropiate to call ourselves specialists in LED technology. We collaborate with some of the largest installers in the country, ex. Intego and Kemp&Lauritzen, but also cooperate with the local electrical installer to achieve the absolute best solution in a close related partnership. From previous municipal projects we can emphasize both Aalborg, Brønderslev, Jammerbugt, Rebild, Ebeltoft, Slagelse and many more. We have guided and supplied light sources for different types of purposes, where the municipalities most often are responsible for the installation themselves.

Did you know?

The cheapest tubes often have a lifespan of 25.000 – 30.000 hours, but quality tubes have a lifetime of min. 80.000 hours, reducing operating and maintenance costs significantly. An important rule: The higher the LM/KW, the less expensive in operation. Surprisingly for many, the most expensive products are usually found to be up to 7 times cheaper by using a lifetime analysis of the light. A method which are highly prioritized in our daily work.

It’s about ensuring the right lighting for the task. Professional advice is therefore essential. In many cases it may be worth replacing the entire luminaire rather than ‘just’ changing the light source. This is due to a careful assessment of both the tasks and general room in which the light is installed.

Brønderslev Municipality

– I am happy to give both employees, schoolchildren and elderly residents the best conditions in Brønderslev Municipality. Also I am very pleased with the cooperation with CO2LIGHT, as they have the latest quality products with good warranty and always offer professional guidance and service. LED lighting is a good investment in a future greener municipality.”

Tom Leere (Energy Consultant, Brønderslev Municipality)

Typically, our panels are suitable for municipal projects, and they are
already installed in many locations in Brønderslev. To name some institutions with new LED lighting from CO2LIGHT:

Thise School Sports hall

Hedegaard School with + 150 panels (project is not completed), Plejecenter Støberiet, different offices and Administration offices, Øster Brønderslev School (Nursery/SFO), Thise School (project is not completed), Dronninglund School with + 200 panels (project is not completed) and more.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities behind LED and how your municipality takes a step in a greener energy direction, you can always contact CO2LIGHT.

August 16, 2018