Gallery Lien with LED

Gallery Lien with LED
LED for galleries

“CO2LIGHT illuminates classical painters with sustainable light enhancements, that reduce your electricity bill.”

We are a modern center of know how and a versatile supplier of LED light sources, and therefore it is very important for us to guide and deliver sustainable lighting for virtually any type of industry. Light has a HUGE difference in daily life, especially for those companies, which profites by ‘providing experiences for customers to see and feel’.

We exist on the foundation of satisfied customers, and it is always a pleasure to help new industries. We are skilled with customized LED solutions, and in this context we thank for the goodwill of letting us optimize the gallery – Art Center Lien at Slettestrand.

The general experience of art and paintings are enhanced in the degree of pleasant, neutral environment – where light and colors really comes to life. For a gallery owner, it is very important to give the guests the best experience, and it depends on good lighting and atmosphere. Ordinary daylight is clearly the light source, that provides the best perception, and with great development in the market and new LED products, we can now deliver the light, that the industry demands.

Apart from the specific requirements for the amount of light, focal pattern, durability and warranty, we presented a solution and very specific cost-benefit analysis. With focus on minimal investment and a payback period of only 1,2 years, gallery owner, Jan Middelboe, saw many benefits. In June 2016 he decided to go all in, and replaced all the light bulbs in the house. Now Art Center Lien can look forward to an annual saving of approximately 33,000 kr., more than half of the current energy consumption, better light – better experiences for visitors, and even classify themselve as a more environmentally responsible company.

During the installation of the new light sources, the gallery’s related artist Jacob Gadd, painted in the house, and he quickly experienced positive changes with the LED switch. He suddenly had the opportunity to paint until late in the evening, and now seemed to have a little more energy, especially after dark.

“LED is clearly the right thing to do in the world of art, both for the artists as well as the audience, who experience the art in a more natural light, and now I can both see and feel the difference. I’am very satisfied with my new light up here”. (Jan Middelboe, gallery owner – Kunstcenter Lien)


“For me – as an artist, the new LED light gives me a totally different energy – especially in the late evening hours, and then I also think it is really good, that you have the opportunity to spare the environment and save consumption.” (Jacob Gadd, artist and exhibitor)

You are most welcome to contact CO2LIGHT’s consultants for an informal chat, if you are considering replacing the lamps and save large sums of energy in your gallery/museum.

June 12, 2016