Fitness4you illuminated

Fitness4you illuminated
LED lighting sportscenter

“Do not save your strength, but save your energy and money on the bottom line. We feel it is pure common sense”

Training centers in general have a lot of burning hours on their lights, and the facilities must be clear and comfortable for the personel to work in as well as inspirational for the users to train under, whether you use the facilities in the morning, at noon or at more nighty hours. Many center managers/owners are probably thinking that a conversion to energy efficient LED light sources must be a heavy economical investment, but that is not the case at all. We offer full financing of your LED project, and we guarantee a minimal repayment period.

Get everything for your gym without a penny out of your pocket. Full funding with CO2LIGHT’s ESCO LIGHT service agreement.

Once again we completed an effective light-optimization

Fitness4you in Randers have just embraced the future light sources, and now they are just as green as the color of their company shirts. The staff is very happy and gives a BIG thumb up.

Their return on investment (ROI) is ONLY 1,2 years, and from now on they can look forward to significant power savings at the bottom line, which allows the center to use the released money on other improvement initiatives in and around the facilities.

CO2LIGHT appreciates the trust and good cooperation. Fitness4you now has a modern and well adapted LED solution, which presents the facilities in a brand new light. They do not save their strength, but on their bottom line!

Can we help you? Get a quick overview of how much your gym can save with LED. Our competent energy advisors are always available to give professional advice. 

September 5, 2016