Fibercon gets green carrot with LED lighting

Fibercon gets green carrot with LED lighting
New LED light Fibercon

Is it really correct to assume that LED lighting is so important in reducing energy consumption and the economy? The short and direct answer is – YES! Since June 2016, Fibercon has been through a major organizational cleanup and streamlining, including a comprehensive replacement of all the traditional light to environmentally-friendly and energy-saving LED in March/April 2018.

LED lighting: The right choice

One of the most important success criterias for the Head of Finance, Mikkel Lauest, was to find sensible ways for optimizing the business, and in this context LED has been on his mind for a while. Before the project started, he made his research and checked various LED providers on the market, and the company’s own house electrician also got the opportunity, but due a focus on price, products and possibilities of financing, the task went to CO2LIGHT.

– The deciding factor for us before the decision became final, was financing, price and of course the right products for our needs. CO2LIGHT proved to be the best provider in terms of price and quality products, but at the same time, they gave us the opportunity of funding the project without us having to raise any money in advance. This was very important to us,” says Mikkel Lauest, Head of Finance.

The extent of the assignment

New light CO2LIGHTFrom March to April 2018, a massive 1-1 replacement of all old light sources began throughout the company’s 9.000 square meters, spread over 6 production- and warehouse halls. 120 new LED light sources of both High Bay lamps, new LED tubes and luminaires as well as light control in some of the halls, where light and burning hours easily could be reduced, Fibercon now can look forward to annual electricity savings of approx. 79.000 DKK with 42 burn hours weekly. The installation has been executed by one of our permanent partner, PL Service Midtjylland, who completed the task with great precision and flexibility. It was very important to pay particular attention to the production, which had to continue unimpeded during the period. The small challenges that were, was done quickly and professionally, and here 5 months later, employees and management are very satisfied.

– It has been a good and sensible process, everything seems super nice and the light works as it should. The possibility of funding the project with their ESCO Light agreement has been perfect for us because we did not need to find the money for the investment ourselves and now we can look forward to the big savings in the long run. The products are spot on and we have reduced electricity consumption significantly and now have a better light, especially in the production and on the storage shelves,” Mikkel Lauest says.


Two projects are rarely the same. Based on the individual customer, we find the solution that best suits you in close cooperation, whether it has to be industrial lighting, hall lighting or commercial lighting. We offer full funding of your LED project and have the capacity to help throughout the country. We would like to be the installer’s preferred partner. If you are more interested in our LED solutions, or just have questions about a project, we are always ready with good technical advice and support on phonenumber 70 70 15 55.

October 9, 2018