Energy-efficient light in Ulsted Autohandel

Energy-efficient light in Ulsted Autohandel
LED Danish cardealer

Energy-efficient lighting, which both decrease energy consumption and at the same time optimize the user experience for customers, has come to stay. It is companies like these – in this case Ulsted Autohandel, where lighting plays a vital part in displaying and selling the car brands inhouse. The replacement of the light was a natural part of a planned renovation, as well as a demand from the importer Andersen Motor. Now the exhibition stands out visually, especially with focus on the Suzuki brand, which now becomes even more attractive.

The renovation was under progress in a couple of month and finished around New Year 2017, and immediately after the light sources were installed. The carshop already had sustainable light in the plate workshop, so it was quite natural expanding the LED concept in most of the shop. Today, the administration, all new sales offices and the Suzuki exhibition are all optimized with better energy-saving light sources, and it certainly has not gone unnoticed. Since the light replacement visiting customers have praised the new lighting, and both staff and shop owners are proud to show the premises:

“Customers praise the new light and think it makes the exhibition much more inviting. People think we’ve rebuilt, but the rooms also seem bigger and brighter now. We are very pleased with the amount of light in the daily, and Stig Jensen (Director – Andersen Motor) has personally visited us, and he was very positive about both setup, choice of light sources and visual impression.”
(Hanne Jokumsen, Owner and Daily Manager)

Better light, more power – less energy consumption

One of the main reasons behind the decision for optimizing the lighting was not the prospect of savings, but rather to have a greater amount of light in the shop and a better light for the employees. The brightness has been elevated from 200 to 700 lux, and instead of 30 older luminaires, there are now 60 streamlined panels and 22 smart spotlights, just in the exhibition. The spot area is approx. 2000 lux, so the latest Suzuki models (colors and aesthetic details) in particular are very much highlighted.

In the sales offices, the sales managers now sit under 120 cm x 30 cm double sided panels, which makes daily work more comfortable for the eyes. In spite of significantly more light sources everywhere, Ulsted Autohandel A / S will still save over 7.000 kWh annually. A relatively small amount, but in the long run will be a big gain!

We would like to thank Ulsted Autohandel for the good cooperation.

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