Energy efficient solution in NCI and Svømmeland

Energy efficient solution in NCI and Svømmeland
LED lighting in NIC

Two hall projects are never the same, but despite of hall type and interior design, you can always benefit from the many great advantages of LED lighting. NCI – a cultural center in Nørresundby, have only positive experience from their overall LED solution over the past many years.

Annual electricity savings at 60%

Nørresundby Idrætscenter, the swimming bath and other indoor areas were optimzed with LED lighting back in 2013, and this has been a sensible decision, if you ask Center Director, Lars Dam Møller. Last year, NCI chose to optimize the solution even more with smart wireless Casambi control in both halls, which now means much more control over the light and numerous possibilities.

With light approved for TV transmission in hall number 1, where league handball is played, as well as advanced light control on each lamp in hall number 2, both halls are now ‘multi-halls’, which means that they are used for various activeties, ex. display shows, sport, important matches and numerous kinds of corporate events and private parties. Regardless the type of activity, it is important to have a professional light – both for bathers, athletes, judges and audience.

GREEN currency and better light – for everyone

Sport hall LEDIt doesn’t have to be complicated and costly to get professional light in a sports hall or swimming pool. CO2LIGHT are experts in professional lighting for these facilities with almost 200 light-optimized halls all over the country. The installation part is the electricians job. We on the other hand focus on quality products, technical support/energy calculations, professional advice and LED financing.

Besides having two modern multi-halls which signals sustainability, Nørresundby Idrætscenter and Svømmeland have reduced their annual electricity consumption by 60 %, and this is measured from data before the center got smart lighting control installed in both halls last year.

Since the light replacement in 2013, NCI has saved over 870.000 DKK on the electricity bill, they do not have any trouble with service/maintenance, due to the products strong durability (+ 50,000 burning hours), and at the time they were fully financed via. our ESCO Light Service agreement.

No funny business – just healthy and GREEN common sense.

“We are very satisfied with the overall LED solution, there are various options with the light, the users of our facilities are happy, and we have saved large amounts on both economy and electricity consumption.”Center Director Lars Dam Møller

Would you also like to win with LED?

There are primarily benefits attached to LED lighting. We offer a non-committal review of the current light in the hall, so that benefits and exact savings etc. easily are recognisable. Contact our hall responsible energy consultant, Anette Hoffmann by email:, or call her directly on 41 33 83 84.