Denmark’s most beautiful ice rink is in Aalborg

Denmark’s most beautiful ice rink is in Aalborg
Ice skating in Aalborg Denmark

Back in 2015 we were also in a strong partnership, where we helped lift Aarhus ice rink to new visual heights with commercial LED lighting. Ever since that project ended we have dreamed of getting the same opportunity in Aalborg. Now – 3 years after, the dream finally came true and we have once again been part of a professional group of collaborators, whose most important task was to make our beloved Aalborg even more beautiful, especially during the winter season. The project is now ended in great succes for all the parties involved, the municipality of Aalborg and not to forget the citizens in Aalborg.

Saturday the 15th of December at precisely 12’o’clock the new beautiful and very colorful ice rink opened at C.W. Obels Plads in the center of Aalborg, and it was a memorable experience with massive support and many spectators. A project we are very happy and humbly proud to be a part of. Multi Dome Aps, Kølemadsen A/S, NT El-Service ApS and Scanvogn A/S provided a very professional setup and we were honored to deliver and program the new colorful lighting. Not much to say – just absolutely amazing. The ice rink and atmosphere around it has now got a new, almost adventurous identity, which really stands out.

Facts about the project’s lighting:

The dimensions of the ice rink is approx. 47×22 meters and it is centrally located in the middle of various cafés, restaurants and a snowballs throw from the annual Christmas market at Gammeltorv. The premise for the ligh setup was to establish an easy and efficient installation built around various possibilities for color combinations and lighting functions.

A total of 195 meters RGB LED strips has been used and distributed on approx. 70 bands of 2 – 2.5 meters. The new generation of RGB LED strips used for the project is connected to a Casambi control system, divided into 10 zones, with each module controlling approx. 20 meter LED strip. The possibilities are numerous and the color selection almost infinite. With Casambi wireless control, it is quick and easy to change the light just by a single click on a phone or tablet, so it does not require any specific technical skills or special know how.

“We are very proud to be part of such an exciting and significant project in Aalborg, and we are pleased that we had the opportunity to deliver and program all the light for the skating rink. It all was tested the day before opening, and everything worked just after plan. The RGB LED strips provide various possibilities for light scenes, and the endless color combinations gives the place an almost magical feeling – especially after dark,” says Jesper Madsen, project manager at CO2LIGHT A/S.

RGB strips are defined by the primary colors Red, Green and Blue and is a color scheme that combines these 3 basic colors in different variations to create other colors. Although it is incredibly difficult for the normal eye to differentiate such minimal color shades, the LED strips provides up to 16.8 million color combinations, and it is the latest technology on the market. the strips are perfect for commercial lighting and can be used in a variety of different locations where the purpose is to create eye catching experiences.

Click on the attached link and see one of many light scenarios: Video LED strips skøjtebane Aalborg.

Does Aalborg now have the country’s most beautiful ice rink? Take your family and children in your hand and go visit C.W. Obels Plads in December. We guanrentee a very special light experience without comparison.

December 17, 2018