Blomster Stedet: Green fingers and sustainable LED

Blomster Stedet: Green fingers and sustainable LED
LED for green houses

The first business case we will present in 2019 is the project at Blomster Stedet in Vejen, which got all their old light sources replaced to new energy-efficient LED lighting during August last year. Just to know, we have followed up on the project and talked to one of the two holders, Anders Bournonville.

Over the last many years we have helped a wide variety of different industries with light optimization, and this is not the first time CO2LIGHT delivered LED for a green house/flower shop. In mid 2016, we had the pleasure of providing lighting for Plantorama in Vandelsbæk and Odense – both projects established through our ESCO Light Service Agreement.

Our giant from Fyn, Energy Consultant Per Jørgensen, still has a special kind of love for beautiful flowers and bees. He has a past in the horticultural industry, so equipped with both knowledge on botany and sustainable LED lighting he therefore possess a good understanding of which products are best suited for such a project.

Sustainable light and green fingers

Both owners behind the family shop, Anders and Gert, had considered energy-efficient light for a long time, and as the products on the market became better and better and the prices more advantageous, they were now ready to do something about it. After several offers from other lighting companies, Per Jørgensen happened to drop by the shop with the right LED solution, and since we also were able to offer financing of the light, Blomster Stedet chose us.

LED for flowers and plantsThey wanted to save on both energy and economy while getting a better light in the store at the same time. Based on many previous projects in retail stores and auto dealers, where the focus widely was to optimize the shop experience for customers, we know that LED lighting contributes to this particular factor. After dicussing wishes and expectations of the new light and reviewing relevant documentation, we delivered just about 90 INDUS-S IP65 luminaires of different sizes, both with 4.000K, distributed in the green house (warehouse) and flower shop.

The INDUS-S luminaire is wired in both ends and easy to install. Blomster Stedet wanted to use their own house electrician so he was responsible for the quick installation all over. A few days later, the light was installed, and (fortunately) it has worked flawlessly ever since, and with a lifetime of at least 50.000 burning hours, the two owners can now care for their green plants under sustainable light sources.

“Based on future energy savings and a desire for better light in the store, the decision was finally made and we did something about it. We have been very happy with the process, and the lighting is clearly better than before. CO2LIGHT gave us the opportunity to get the replacement for LED financed, which also meant a lot, and we are now looking forward to shave all unnecessary weeds away from the energy bill.”

Owner Anders Bournonville