Berner A/S wins big with new LED

“With LED everybody wins. The environment, the employees and the economy.”

Berner’s Warehouse and Logistic Manager Thomas Gaardbo looks back after the first 5 months with LED light from CO2LIGHT. He is more than satisfied with the final result, and the other 50 employees who are working in the house on weekdays have seriously noticed the effect of the new lighting.

Green profile, nice new look and a better working environment

Many LED companies was tjecked out when Thomas Gaardbo explored the market for LED suppliers in the last quarter of 2017 – before the installation, but according to him, CO2LIGHT won the assignment based on credibility, price level, technical knowledge and the many quality products/solutions. In January 2018 it took our permanent partner, Nordelektro, four days to install sustainable lighting all over, including the reception, administration, meeting- and teaching facilities, toilets and the inhouse store. The installation went easy and efficient, and it did not take long for the employees to get used to the new light. The difference is easy to spot – especially in the winter season, where it becomes dark early in the day. With a significant difference in the amount of light and color rendering, nobody complains over headaches, tiredness or other physical challenges, and the 30-40 daily visitors in the shop praise the new, nice look.

Berner A/S Nørresundby
Berner A/S has now acted environmentally conscious in terms of a greener business profile, they are saving electricity consumption/
economy and focus on the working environment, in other words – the employees health and motivation.

ESCO Light Service Agreement
The project is funded through CO2LIGHT’s ESCO Light Service Agreement, which gives Berner A/S a favorable warranty period, after which all products surpasses the company. With a burn time of approx. 10 hours every weekday, Berner A/S can look forward to an annual electricity saving of 30.499 Danish kr., Which is why the investment is quickly repaid.

Why choose CO2LIGHT?

“We have been very pleased throughout the whole process, both before, during and after. Any challenges, if any, has been resolved quickly and professionally, and I will definitely recommend CO2LIGHT as a collaborative partner. And as far as replacing the old light sources to LED, I will honestly wonder why you do not change – especially with the quality products and solutions that are today. It’s hard to find arguments for NOT switching to LED!”

Thomas Gaardbo, Warehouse and Logistics Manager